Join our efforts to build a more inclusive and carbon neutral society

We make projects that make the world a better place. Our belief is that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world, create better societies,
and learn about new opportunities.

What do we do

We are a non-profit organization based in Denmark by a team of young and dedicated world-changers empowering people and organizations to build a more inclusive society and a greener economy. We are designing and implementing educational programs about climate change and sustainable development. Our projects bring together individuals and organizations from all across the world, create transnational partnerships and collaborations that always yield in a positive social and environmental impact.

By implementing sustainability as a key requirement from the design phase of every project,  we can never trade or forget it during the project lifecycle. For this reason, we are building sustainability into the vision at the very start of the project and our team is using KPIs that will not allow us to fall into the greenwashing trap.

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Our testimonials

“I am very happy to support People of 2050 on their journey to raise awareness about such important issues as climate change and sustainable economic development. Their young and energetic team is going to inspire and empower many youngsters with skills and knowledge much needed by the global society of the 21st century “

“It is a pleasure to form an inter-generational partnership where we together accelerate a dynamic learning culture to meet the global targets by 2050. The world urgently needs young leaders, and I am happy to be connected and bring my contribution to this beautiful team on their path of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 “

“I fully support the mission of the People of 2050 as it's dynamic team is working hard to meaningful engage young people globally to fight climate change through practical education and training and inspiring everyone to make a difference for securing the future of generations to come. “

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